Spiritual Guides

Let me just start out by saying the reiki is not a religion. It has no dogma, it has no god, and it especially doesn’t have to be believed in to actually work. Reiki is the channeling of the universe’s life energy, and everyone and everything is a part of the universe…whether they like it or not. Reiki will work.

Now with that said, because reiki is the universe’s life energy that we all tap into, you will find that many beings will be drawn toward reiki. This list includes animals, plants, deities, angels, saints, people, spirits, devas, and even places (holy or scarred). When you practice reiki, you’ll probably find that one or more beings will show up to help guide you through healing sessions or initiations. These beings are called Spiritual Guides. These Spiritual Guides are all drawn together because they all desire to heal this earth and the beings that reside with it. The Spiritual Guides are not bound by religion, and they all work perfectly well together toward a common goal.


Every time I attune someone, I prefer that they have one to four Spiritual Guides prior to the attunement process. Their Spiritual Guides will be invited at the beginning of the attunement so that they can oversee the attunement as well as accept responsibility for that person’s healing path.

Healing Sessions

The purpose of Spiritual Guides in healing sessions is to help guide the practioner though the session, or occasionally the guide will lend their own energy or flavor the universe’s life energy to help boost the healing process further.

During healing sessions, I always invite at least one of my own Spiritual Guides to the healing session. I generally select one that I feel would go well with the personality of the client. During the healing session, I might also invite specific Spiritual Guides that work extremely well with the trauma encountered or the Spiritual Guides of the client if known. Guides don’t always have to be invited for them to appear during a session; however, it is a formal kindness to invite them, and it helps to build a working relationship with the guides.

The Guides

When beginning the process of discovering the Spiritual Guides, I always set the goal to discover four Spiritual Guides to represent the four elements (fire, water, earth, wind). This provides a great balance to the healing energy as well as a good selection of energies available for a particular client. For instance, I wouldn’t invite a guide that represents water to help heal a patient who has a more fiery personality. If you wanted to balance a fiery personality, you would invite an earth guide.

As a Master Teacher, I find that it’s important to study a variety of mythologies (despite my own religious or spiritual beliefs) to help my students on their own path. Something I recommend is getting a group of Reiki Master Teacher’s together and holding informal mythology classes to help broaden all of our understanding of global thought, religion, and culture. No matter what background your future students come from, you will be able to relate and help them along their healing path. Also these classes will help you identify new Spiritual Guides as they appear in your practice or your students’ practice.

Identifying the Spiritual Guides

Christopher Penczak’s book, The Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy For Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development, has a great section on Spiritual Guides and meditations on how to discover who the Spiritual Guides are for an individual. If there are similarities between my methods and his, it is because I’ve selectively borrowed and incorporated ideas from his book for my own Healing Practice.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, it is vital to have the ability to discover who a student’s Spiritual Guides are prior to the attunement process. As a teacher, you can require that part of the student’s devotion to their healing path is the go through the meditation in Penczak’s book to discover their own Spiritual Guides. If you are feeling a bit of kindness or don’t have the time to invest in what could be a lengthy process, you may help the student discover their Spiritual Guides. There are several ways in which a Master Teacher can accomplish this task. The first, and probably the easiest, is to ask the tarot cards or other preferred divination system. If you are unfamiliar with a divination system, then perform a healing session on the student and see which Spiritual Guides attend the session. If those guides aren’t normally part of your committee, then they are attending for the student. Lastly, when all else fails, you can always go into the attunement with an open heart and invite the student’s spiritual guides without actually naming them specifically. This last option is the least preferred but has worked for me at least once in the past. It is also the option to take when a student is not interested in discovering their Spiritual Guides but would still like to practice reiki.

Through my experience as a Master Teacher, I have found that all guides work well together. Don’t be surprised if you find unexpected combinations of guides that work well together for a particular student or client. I’ve personally seen combinations such as Isis and Jesus, Arch Angels with Celtic deities and Orishas, Norse deities and the Loa, and Aztec deities working with Gaia. Go with an open heart and clear mind. Don’t be surprised when the deities want to have opinions on how to live your life as well as your reiki practice.