Reiki and Plants

Plants love reiki. I haven’t met a plant yet in a pot or out in the forest that didn’t appreciate a reiki treatment. As a practitioner, you might find that when you place your hand against the trunk of a tree, the reiki will turn on automatically. With that said, many of the forest deities and devas also take a great interest in reiki. For future reading in regards to forest dieties or devas, I recommend the The Findhorn Garden series by William Thomspon or The Deva Handbook: How to Work with Nature’s Subtle Energies by Nathaniel Altman.

With how much plants appreciate reiki, they will also help in the reiki healing sessions. Much like spiritual guides, the plants will help flavor the universe’s life energy with their own energy to help heal particular traumas. This energy however comes at a price to the plants that are willing to give their own energy. Make sure when asking a plant for their assistance that the plant is well established so that the donation of energy does not cause stress to the plant. If you use a small potted plant as an energy donator, it could potentially kill the plant. Older, more established trees are more suited for the job.

To be able to use plants in healing sessions, first you must establish a relationship with the plant. Once a relationship is established, then you may ask that particular plant to lend its assistance during a reiki healing session.


Establishing a Relationship with Plants

The first step to establishing a relationship with a plant is learning how to talk to the plant and feel its energy. It is important to approach this exercise with an open heart and clear mind.

The following plant exercise 1 is provided by Elm, a fellow Reiki Master Teacher. It was specifically written for trees, but the same journaling exercise can apply to all plant species.

Exercise 1 – Know the Plant

Approach the tree in a comfortable way and say hello.

Use all five senses (except taste, if it’s poisonous) to acquaint yourself with the tree. What does the tree look like, sound like, feel like, smell like, and taste like?

Look for the “heartbeat” of the tree. It’s an energetic pulse, and it tells you something about the tree.

How does the tree make you feel? What images or memories does the tree invoke? Open your chakras. Which chakras connect to the tree strongest? (If you can’t open your chakras, see if you can feel a certain chakra react to the tree spontaneously.)

Try various positions in relation to the tree and see what changes: put your back against it, hug it, lay under it, etc.

When you have a good feel for the tree, try backing away from it slowly and see at what point you stop feeling some of its energies. This will show you how large its circle of influence is.

Do these steps with as many trees as you want, and spend as much time with each tree as feels right. Note your impressions and feelings of all the trees you talk to.

For at least one tree, close your eyes, listen, and point in the direction of the tree that calls to you the loudest. Go say hello to that tree, and make sure you note that it chose you.

Exercise 2 – Establishing a Bond

Once you’ve established which plants you react well with, you need to learn how to channel the plant’s energy. You can channel a plant’s energy once you have established a bond with that plant. (Some people have advise that this could require a formal commitment on your part. However, I managed to learn how to channel pecan tree energy without a formal commitment. I believe that the need for a formal commitment is based upon the tree and practioner personality. Do what you feel is right.)

While touching the plant whose energy you would like to learn to channel, make contact with the plant. Feel its energy rise up through your feet, through your root chakra and up to your heart chakra. Once the energy reaches your heart chakra, move that energy from your heart charka and out of your hands. Place your hands on the plant and channel your own energy mixed with the plants energy back into the plant.

It may help to perform this exercise with the reiki energy turned on if you are a reiki practioner. This exercise allows you to bond with the plant so that the next time you desire to channel plant energy, you do not have to be in the presence of the plant to do so. You can always thank the plant by bringing it water, a beer (nutrients, water, and carbon dioxide), or an appropriately diluted liquid fertilizer.

Exercise 3 – Channeling Plant Energy

In order to channel plant energy while not in contact with the plant you have an established bonded with, you must first summon an image of the plant in your mind. Start by imagining yourself standing in front of the plant, and placing your hands on the plant as you did during the bonding exercise. Then remember what it felt like to have the plant’s energy flowing through your feet, through your body, and out of your hands.

Once you feel the bond with the plant come alive, tell the plant your intention and for what purpose you would like to borrow their energy. If the plant agrees, you will feel the plant’s energy start flowing and mixing with the reiki energy. Use the plant’s energy during the reiki healing session, and remember to thank the plant for its assistance after the session is over. Next time you see the plant remember to bring an appropriate offering or to give the plant reiki healing energy.


Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature by Ted Andrews

The Findhorn Garden series by William Thomspon

The Deva Handbook: How to Work with Nature’s Subtle Energies by Nathaniel Altman