For the purpose of this website, I’m going to use the word “mineral” to refer to anything pure element minerals such as gemstones or salts to aggregates of minerals such as sedimentary or composite rocks. The vast majority of the rocks of the Earth’s crust consist of quartz, feldspar, mica, chlorite, kaolin, calcite, epidote, olivine, augite, hornblende, magnetite, hematite, limonite and a few other minerals. With about 60% of the earth’s crust being composed of silicon dioxide or quartz, the variations in the minerals pertain to the “impurities” also present in the composition. It’s something to think about, “Imperfections makes the world beautiful and diverse.”

Similar to all animals, plants, and humans, minerals are filled with energy that vibrates at their own frequency depending on the type of mineral. Minerals generally have more of a subtle energy, so they can be slightly more difficult to detect.

Mineral Vibration

Each mineral has a specific crystalline structure which is also evident in the crystal shape it takes on during formation. For instance calcite, pyrite and salt generally have a square to rectangle structure when found in crystal form, and quartz generally has a terminated or double-terminated form. This crystalline structure is based upon the chemical composition and structure of the molecules present when the mineral was forming into a crystal. The chemical composition is what gives the mineral its physical and metaphysical properties. The crystalline form, along with chemical composition and the universes life energy, give the mineral a vibrational pattern that is unique to each mineral and occasionally the shape/form of the mineral.
When a mineral is made into jewelry, carried on the person, or laid on a person’s chakras, the vibrational pattern of the mineral will be assimilated by the person using it. The properties of the vibrational pattern will be transferred to the user to help bring about healing, awareness, or new energy.

Here are some tricks for picking up the subtle energy of minerals:

First try a wide variety of minerals. Everyone will react differently to the vibrational patterns of different minerals. Its important go through the same sequence of testing with each mineral encountered.

Second, everyone has a dominate and non-dominate hand. For instance, I’m right handed and whenever I grab for something, I always use my right hand. Therefore, my right hand is my dominate hand. The dominate hand is the “output” hand for energy flow. The non-dominate hand is the “input” hand for energy flow. Since minerals put out their own vibrational pattern, it’s important to try placing them in first the non-dominate hand and then the dominate hand. There will almost always be a difference in how a mineral feels depending on if it’s inputing its own energy, or the mineral vibration pattern is reacting to the output of your energy. If you can’t feel anything from the mineral in either hand, vigorously shake both hands for 60 seconds to get the blood and energy flowing, and try again.

Third, never take my word that one particular mineral is good for one particular chakra. I and several of my friends have tested each one of these minerals and have come to a common consensus about which mineral reacts to what chakra. However, since each person is different, it’s important to test each mineral yourself. While holding the mineral in the non-dominate hand, start at the crown chakra and hold the mineral to the chakra and feel for a reaction. Keep going down the chakras until you find the chakra that the mineral reacts to. You’ll know it’s a reaction because the chakra will come alive with the presence of the stone.

Using Minerals in Reiki Healing Sessions

Due to a minerals ability to increase the rate of chakra healing by adding its own energy or vibrational pattern, reiki practitioners will very often use minerals during reiki healing sessions.

These minerals can be placed on the person or on the floor under the massage table during a healing session, or for distance treatments a crystal grid can be used to help direct the reiki energy and amplify its effect.

Common Minerals Used

Whenever I’m setting up a healing session for an individual I know very little about, I will use the basic chakra stones. They don’t have to be huge, expensive crystals to work. In fact I prefer to use small, smooth pebbles for my general use healing kit.

A picture of various minerals and gemstones mentioned on this page.

My general use kit consists of the following small pebbles:

Crown – Quartz
Third eye – Amethyst
Throat – Amazonite
Heart – Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus – Citrine
Sacral – Carnelian
Root – Garnet

I’ll also have a few extra minerals in case someone doesn’t react to the basic chakra stones. For instance, it’s always good to keep rose quartz for a back-up heart chakra stone, blue lace agate for a back-up throat chakra stone, and lapis for a back-up third eye stone. The kit consisting of small, smooth pebbles should only cost around 5-10$ and will fit in a small bag or pocket for easy transportation. Small pebbles also have the versatility to be place on top of the person or under the massage table. Also if a client really needs one or three of your minerals for further healing, it’s cheap to replace a few minerals in your kit.

Reiki practitioners can also charge the minerals with reiki energy 1-3 days prior to the healing session by turning their reiki on and holding the small bag of minerals in their hands. This increases the mineral’s vibrational pattern and their healing potency.

Laying on Minerals

During a reiki healing session, there are multiple ways to use minerals. My preferred method is to lay the minerals on the floor under the massage table from crown to root chakra. This has the added benefits of not having to shift the minerals around during the healing session when having the client turn over or accidentally knocking the minerals off the client while moving your hands down the chakra pathway. The minerals under the massage table however will have to be adjusted for the height of the client prior to starting the healing session. As a courtesy, the reiki practitioner should inform the client that the minerals are under the massage table and at any point if the minerals begin to bother the client, the practitioner should remove them or replace the offending mineral with a back-up mineral.

Laying the mineral on top of the client can make the mineral’s energy more directly available to the client. There are a couple of thoughts to keep in mind when laying the mineral on top of the client. First, the mineral has to be extremely light weight and smooth as not to poke, bother or harm the client. Second, do you reiki the mineral and chakra together or do you reiki the chakra first and then place the mineral on the chakra post reiki? If I lay the minerals on top of the client, I prefer to lay the mineral on first and then reiki the mineral and the client together. This activates the mineral’s energy and syncs it to the chakra’s energy. If the mineral falls off the client on its own volition, it’s a sign that the mineral is not reacting well to the client. You should replace the fallen mineral with another mineral.

As you become more familiar with using minerals, their healing properties and unique energies, you will find that you can become more creative in mineral, colour, and pattern use. It will also become easier to customize the minerals used for each client.

Crystal Grids

For this section, I will use the word “crystal” in replace of “mineral” to imply a mineral that is either in single terminated (pointed on one end), roughly oval, or roughly cylindrical in shape to imply a direction of energy flow in a single direction.

Crystal grids are used to intensify or magnify the reiki energy for distance healing sessions and can be used to send reiki continuously to a recipient. In a grid, the crystals are arranged in a geometrics structure to direct the energy inward toward a representation of the client. The grid can consist of as many crystals are needed or you feel comfortable working with. I feel most comfortable working with five, six or eight pointed stars. The six pointed star is the most popular in both the crystal and reiki worlds as its shape is associated with integration, balance, and the heart chakra. It is also the shape that can include 6 of the 7 chakra stones. Because it is the most popular, the six pointed star is what I’ll use in the following explanation of how to set up and use a crystal grid, but feel free to use as many or few crystals and in whatever combination of colours/minerals you feel comfortable with.

Setting Up a Crystal Grid

Take six crystal points of similar size that you are have already cleansed and charged with reiki energy, and place them where they will not be bumped or moved over an extended period of time. If you are like me, you should place the grid where cats or kids cannot reach them such as a tall shelf or fire place mantel. Arrange them in a six pointed star shape with all the points pointing inward.

In the center of the star, place a representation of the client such as a photograph or an index card with the person’s full name written on it. You many have several recipients represented in the grid that will receive the energy equally. If there are multiple recipients, it’s okay to have one index card with several full names listed on their own line. Full names must include First, Middle, Last names, and Suffix or Title as applicable.
Activating the Crystal Grid

Say a brief prayer over the grid. I usually say something to the effect of, “For the highest good and harming none, I send reiki energy to (name or names)”

Draw the symbols Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Cho Ku Rei over the grid.

Then activate each crystal in the grid by cupping your hands to either side of the crystal and filling it with reiki energy. Imagine the reiki energy flowing through the crystal and reflecting energy off of the other crystals in the grid and filling the center of the grid with reiki light.

You can activate the crystals in a clock-wise motion starting reiki at the top center crystal for any number of crystals used.

You can activate the crystals for a five crystal grid by reiki’ing the crystals in a star pattern staring at the bottom left crystal.

You can activate the crystals for a six crystal grid by reiki’ing the crystals in a two triangle pattern
(One triangle: bottom left, top center, bottom right. Second triangle: top left, top right, and bottom center).
Also, you can activate the crystals for an eight crystal grid by reiki’ing the crystals in a two square pattern starting with bottom left.

Deactivating and Reactivating the Crystal Grid

The crystal grid will naturally deactivate itself whenever the person is “full” of reiki energy, or when it is no longer needed.

To re-activate the crystal grid repeat the “activating the crystal grid” steps above.

Crystals Used in Crystal Grids

The crystals used in crystal grids are completely up to the intention or preference of the practitioner. The most basic grid is to use 6 single terminated quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are great amplifiers of energy, and very easy to find in similar size/shapes for a nice balanced grid.

If the practitioner would like to use the chakra colours, for a six crystal grid, use a crystal that works for two chakras to reduce the number of chakra stones from 7 to 6.

Top left: amethyst or lepidolite
Top center: quartz or rutilated quartz
Top right: kyanite or amazonite
Bottom left: rose quartz, jade, or aventurine
Bottom center: garnet or red tiger eye
Bottom right: amber or citrine

Follow the crystal pattern that feels correct for purpose of the grid.

Healing Jewelry

One of the most simple and beautiful ways to incorporate healing minerals into your life is to simply make it into jewelry. To learn how to make your own jewelry takes 10 minutes of instruction, 3 minutes of trial and error, and a great deal of creativity. I’ve included several examples of healing jewelry on this page made by myself, Elm, or our mutual jewelry making friends to help motivate and inspire you.

When you finally aspire to making your own jewelry, my favorite quick and easy mineral information source is a book called Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals – The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom by author Melody and illustrator Julianne Guilbault. This is a very complete book that is great for beginners and experts alike. Of course it won’t tell you how to make jewelry. For a beginner jewelry making, I would suggest going to a local bead shop and taking a few of their delightful classes. It makes it fun, entertaining, shows you the complete “how-to” better than any book could, and it explains the special tools of the trade. If you would feel more comfortable with an instruction book or you don’t have access to a local bead shop, I recommend the local library as a source for free and plentiful information. In all honesty, it’s likely that you’ll only find a few patterns per each book that you’ll use. The library is a wonderful way to sample many jewelry making books without committing to purchasing a book, and gives you the option of purchasing your favorite book at a later time.

When making healing jewelry, I would recommend not using more than three healing minerals per piece. This simplifies the design, narrows down the intention, and will make some stunning yet simple conversation pieces. Fillers will be used as a way to space the healing minerals and creating the complete design. Fillers can be anything from glass, plastic, metal, shell or wooden beads. I prefer working with natural materials as they hold the charge longer than man-made materials. I’ll also occasionally use clear quartz as a filler bead as it will amply the healing energies of the healing minerals around it.

Charging and Cleansing Minerals

Minerals are similar to a computer flash drive. You have limited amount of space on a flash drive to save programs, files, or music. However, they are incredibly useful portable devices that you can carry with you and access your home programs, presentations, or private operating systems. Minerals especially in jewelry format can speed up healing, energy re-patterning, or increase psychic abilities. But like a flash drive, you need to save the programs or intentions that you’ll need on the minerals by charging them and remove the random junk files or viruses by cleansing the minerals regularly.

Charging Minerals

To charge a mineral, first it is wise to select a mineral that has a pre-existing innate ability similar to the programs or intention you would like to write onto the mineral. For instance if you wanted to cleanse the blood, you would pick either bloodstone or hematite which already have a high concentration of iron in the mineral for this purpose. If you wanted to increase psychic abilities, you would select minerals that work well with the third eye and crown chakras.

Now that you have selected a mineral that agrees with the intention or purpose, all which is left is to charge or upload your program onto the mineral. Since almost everyone I have met at one time or another has needed to heal their heart chakra, the following example will be how to use minerals to heal the heart chakra.

If your heart chakra is in need of healing because you went through a nasty divorce, then the minerals you would probably use are that of green aventurine, malachite, or blood stone. If your heart chakra is need of healing due to the passage of a family member or loved one, then the minerals you would probably select are that of rose quartz, green jade, or rhodochrosite.

Hold the mineral you would like to charge in your dominate hand. Begin to imagine everything that symbolizes “love”. This can be the first time your baby smiled at you, your first kiss, your mother’s warm embrace, the smell of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, or cuddling with a loved one on a cold winter’s day. Image this love filling your heart and making it whole again. Now either, visual all the healing energy flowing down your arm and into the mineral, or you can gentle blow on the mineral in your hand and visualize all of the love healing energy imbuing into the mineral with your warm breath. It also helps when first learning to charge minerals to vocalize your intention.

Cleansing Minerals

Cleansing is needed for minerals that have not yet been charged, for minerals that have been worn constantly for a week or more, for minerals that were gifted to you by another person, or at least once a month to remove all the stray energy that might have built up. Cleansing minerals is similar to removing viruses or random bits of potential negative energy off of your flash drive. It’s a good practice to do this regularly especially with an often worn or used mineral.

There is no right or wrong way to cleanse a mineral, so I’m going to break the following cleansing rituals down by element. Follow whichever cleansing practice you feel is correct for your mineral.


When you spring clean your house, the first thing you do is open all the windows to bring in the fresh air and sunlight. The same thing applies to minerals. Minerals can be cleansed using the element of air in the following ways. This list is not all inclusive.

  • They can be hung in front of an open window to let the natural breeze cleanse the mineral.
  • They can be smudged by burning sage, cedar, sweet grass, frankincense/myrrh, sandalwood, eucalyptus, or other cleansing plant/incenses and having the smoke drift over the mineral.
  • They can be placed in a pouch with fragrant cleansing herbs such as lavender, cedar, rosemary, juniper, mint, or sage.


Fire is really good at consuming unwanted energies. Just imagine how fire burns everything it touches to ashes. The same is true for negative energy.

  • Pass the mineral over a candle flame at a safe distance above the flame where you are not burning yourself or the mineral. Imagine the negative energy being consumed by the candle flame.
  • The sun is one big ball of constant fire, and because of this is serves the same purpose as a candle flame except more powerful and safer to use in mineral cleansing. Set the mineral in a windowsill that receives the strong afternoon sun for at least one bright sunny afternoon.


Earth is used when ‘grounding’ unwanted energies off of a mineral. Be careful will burying minerals as you can lose them without a proper marker.

  • Bury the mineral in the ground next to a tree for one to three days.
  • Bury the mineral in the soil of a thriving potted plant for seven days to a month.
  • Place the mineral in a bowl of dry sea salt for one to three days.


Soaking the minerals in clean, clear spring or distilled water washes away the negative energies much in the same way that an herbal bath will wash about body aches and pains. Do NOT use water to cleanse water soluble minerals like selenite or carbonate rocks like limestone or dolostones.

  • Soak the minerals in a bowl of water, changing the water daily for three to seven days.
  • Hold the minerals under running water or a fresh water spring or river for as long as necessary.
  • Soak the minerals in salt water for one to three days. This can be quite harmful to jewelry clasps and wire, so I would only suggest this for raw, undyed, non-water soluble minerals.

Mineral Storage

There are no special storage requirements for minerals. However, here are some multipurpose ideas that I hope will inspire you.

I personally prefer to store my small, loose minerals in colored bags where the color of the bag and the color of the minerals correspond to each other. This serves several purposes. The first purpose being that like colored minerals are happier when stored together. Secondly, it makes it easier to find the mineral I’m looking for if it is color coded. The exception to the rule is my general chakra mineral bag that has all of the chakra colors present.

I also find that minerals that stay in close proximity to people stay charged for a longer period of time. For instance, the citrine crystal on my nightstand stays constantly charged. The exception to the rule is any black mineral that absorbs negative energy. These will have to be cleansed more often when stored closer to people.

Some minerals such as rose quartz will lighten with prolonged sun exposure, so it’s something to be weary of when selecting your display or storage areas.

Lastly, my absolute preferred method for jewelry storage is hanging in the open air and available to receive sunlight from an open window. I personally have my necklaces and bracelets that I wear often, stored on a wall hanging in my living room. This serves several purposes. First, the jewelry is constantly cleansed the elements air and sunlight. Second, it helps display many of my masterpieces, and lastly, it just makes it easier to find my most commonly worn items.


Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals – The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom by Melody (Author) & Julianne Guilbault (Illustrator)

On a side note, I would also recommend getting native plant guides for your region. I personally have enumerate books on tree and wild flower identification as well as Remarkable Plants of Texas, Edible and Useful Plants of Texas and the Southwest, and many books upon medicinal uses of plants. It’s extremely important to work with the native plants of your region as they are readily available, free, and more power than anything you could order and import. Plus, knowing the history of the plant in your region will often open new possibilities or substitutions for European plants.