What is reiki?

The Japanese word, reiki, roughly translates to “divine/miraculous energy of life”. Reiki is a Japanese technique developed by Mikao Usui for moving the universe’s life energy into individuals of need. It is administered by the practitioner channeling the universe’s life energy through themselves and administering a treatment by laying on hands. Reiki is not a massage.

Think of reiki as the classical musical station of the universe. The reiki practitioner, in this case, is the radio. The reiki practitioner tunes into the natural healing energies of the universe by drawing symbols on their hands. The “radio” frequency then flows through the practitioner and out of their hands as warm, soothing, healing energy that is delivered via touch into the person of need.  The person receiving the treatment feels radiating warmth where the hands are positioned. Some people have also reported seeing colours, visions, or hearing music during reiki treatments. These are all normal experiences that people can have when they encounter the universe’s life energy. The energy then continues to work the rest of the day where it is most needed.


How does reiki work?

Reiki is used to treat a variety of physical, emotional or spiritual issues. It is often seen in the hospital settings post chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients. It has been proven that administering reiki post chemotherapy reduces the recovery time needed for the patient. Reiki can also be used to help treat stress, depression, sprains, post operation recovery, during and after child birth to help alleviate pain, past emotional life traumas, and chakra blockages.

If it’s so great, then how does it work? Reiki works on an energetic level like clean running water works on a physical level. If you were to cut your finger, the first thing you would do is apply clean water to help flush all of the dirt and bacteria out of the wound. You would then apply antiseptic, so it heals cleanly. Reiki takes all of the past or current traumas and cleans them out by filling your body with the universe’s life energy. After it flushes out all of the “dirt”, the body now has the ability to heal properly. With continued treatments after the blockages are removed, the life energy goes toward accelerating the healing process. Reiki energy works on everything including rocks, jewelry, pets, plants, and humans.

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